What Our Generation Needs

Someone recently asked what our generation needs from pastors and churches. This is my answer:

Understand that we have a lot to grapple with in these times. We’ve grown up with Republican friends and gay friends. We are less moved by rules and meeting standards than we are by grace. We are motivated by passion for social justice and the beauty of God’s love for us; not fear of Hell. We don’t simply hate/fear people who aren’t like us – we’re curious about how we can peacefully coexist with those who believe differently, but if we’re honest, some of this ISIS stuff and the persecution of African Christians scares us a lot and makes us angry. And we want something done, but we hate war. And we worry prayer isn’t enough and sometimes we forget to, anyway.

We are less moved by rules and meeting standards than we are by grace.

We want to see the Church respond quickly and effectively when things like Ferguson happen. We need leadership and guidance in responding well to these outrageous tragedies and subsequent unrest. And we want to help. We want to…be a presence? But we’re also just trying to tolerate the traffic through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, remember to bake cupcakes for our kid’s bake sale, and squeeze in a little cardio so we don’t die when we’re 50.

We’re stressed and busy and tired. There is never quite enough time or money, and we know we shouldn’t worry or fret, but we just have such a hard time relaxing and trusting God. And raising our kids in this world is terrifying. We are pretty sure they will be half-robots by the time they are our age. Half robots who can swim because by then all of the polar ice caps will have melted.

But underneath that, we know God loves us in this crazy unfathomable way. We are pretty sure He’s got this, and it’s going to be ok. Awesome, even. Remind us of how Awesome it’s going to be. Because cancer, violence, and the Squirrel Hill Tunnel make us forget.

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JessiMarsh-150x150Jessi Marsh (LC 7) is a nonprofit executive, blogger, and cancer survivor. Check out her blog, www.FightingTrafficAndCancer.blogspot.com.