What it Practically Looks Like to Follow Your Calling

Have you ever heard a talk about calling or vocation and then wondered how to even begin applying it to your life? The conversation on calling and vocation is an important one, but it really starts getting good when we are able to apply it to our daily lives.

We asked Dan Essig to join us at our Leadership Breakfast Series to talk about how his calling to serve the Lord pulled him away from a cubicle to starting his own contracting business, Essig Renovation and Design.



Here are some highlights from Dan’s talk:

  • Dan’s journey to discover what he’s passionate about (2:02)
  • What it took for Dan to take the leap to entrepreneurship (7:23)
  • How Dan is using his management position to help members of his crew use their strengths (18:35)

Dan’s desire to serve God has shown up in every aspect of his work, from the ethics his company takes pride in upholding, to his relationships with his employees and clients. This interview with Dan highlights his passion for his company and his deep understanding of his calling.

Photo credit: Dollar Photo Club

100_1325-1024x768Dan is a graduate of Geneva College and an alum of the Pittsburgh Fellows. Dan followed the call to start his own business in the renovation space, and Essig Design and Renovation was born. Dan’s company works in Pittsburgh to build tangible and intangible communities.