The Most Important Lesson For The Next Generation of Leaders

The Rev. Sam Shoemaker once said, “The untapped conviction and belief in [Pittsburgh] is worth more to it than all the coal in the hills and all the steel in the mills. If we could train and mobilize that force, Pittsburgh would become the spiritual pilot plant for America.”

16489_994111810448_7939774702136935498_n-570x428This is how Lisa started her talk on the most important lesson for the next generation of leaders last Saturday morning for the Learning to Lead breakfast, organized by LC grad Doug Smith.

There are three marks of a great leader.

1.) Faithfulness (11:20)

Faithfulness in the small things will get you to where you want to go. Continue to be faithful about the things you are called to do.

2) Obedience and yieldedness (16:10)

This means you truly know what it take to submit. We are not doormats, but yield when it is the appropriate thing to do, and do it with a sense of grace and forbearance. All the plans in the world mean nothing unless you are yielded to God.

3.) Stewardship (19:10)

We were created by God to create. Stewardship means that we take our God-given gifts and use them for the greater good.

Imagine if all of us worked for the good of the cities around us. What would it look like if we understand that our whole work is heavenward offering?

You can listen to the podcast below, by visiting Doug Smith’s website, or listening to it on iTunes (Learning to Lead)

Episode #68: Lisa Slayton on Leadership


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Photo credit: Doug Smith