Building Capacity in Pittsburgh’s Nonprofits

While Pittsburgh continues to experience economic growth and entrepreneurial flourishing, there is a large segment of the population that is disconnected from the “renaissance” happening in the city.   Those people and places are largely the same ones that are served by the non-profit organizations in the Urban Leaders Project.

In January 2015 we created the Urban Leaders Project to give Christ-centered non-profit leaders an opportunity to sharpen their leadership and prepare their organizations for long-term effectiveness. The initial cohort, including 12 executive directors of Pittsburgh non-profits, participated in 5 months of teaching, coaching, and collaboration.

This offering seemed to strike a chord in the non-profit community, where leaders are eager to build capacity and cultivate professional community.

Word of mouth has already filled our next cohort, starting in January 2016, and we are thankful for the individuals and organizations that have sponsored leaders to participate in this initiative.

We are grateful to be able to serve godly leaders that are committed to making Pittsburgh more than just the “most livable city,” but a city known for God.