Lisa Slayton named President of Serving Leaders

lisa_slaytonWe are proud to announce that on April 12th, the Serving Leaders Board of Directors named Lisa Slayton to the role of President of Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation/Serving Leaders

“We believe that great leadership is a key capability for high performing organizations and for a flourishing city.  That’s why we are excited to be launching a new chapter of collaboration and partnership to grow our collective leadership horsepower for the good of our city.  We are thrilled that Lisa will be leading this charge,” says board chair, Darrin Grove, CEO of TrueFit.

Slayton has worked at Serving Leaders since 2005 when she was hired to design the Leaders Collaborative program.  In the years since, she has continued to head the Leaders Collaborative effort, while also building an organizational development consulting business at Serving Leaders.  She has cultivated key partnerships with other local and national organization

In 2012, she completed her Masters of Arts in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship through Bakke Graduate University.  Slayton’s interest in entrepreneurship, combined with Serving Leaders’ history of helping great things get started in Pittsburgh will guide our next phase of growth and development. s to create programs focused on integration of faith and work in theory and in practice.

Slayton offers, “This year Serving Leaders celebrates 35 years of investment in Pittsburgh to meet the needs of our city and its leaders through the lens of our Christian faith.  We are mindful of our rich history in starting and launching social sector ventures.  More recently our focus has been to connect, equip and mobilize leaders to help them awaken great purpose in themselves and in the organizations they serve for the common good of Pittsburgh.  We believe that intentionally helping entrepreneurs in all sectors to build ventures around healthy organizational cultures—cultures that allow people to do great work they love—will be a blessing to Pittsburgh.  We are excited to apply our learning from years of working with leaders and organizations to the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs.  Investing deeply in entrepreneurial leaders will leverage our 35 year history of serving leaders for the sake of Pittsburgh—and I am honored to lead this effort.”