Leadership Gleanings: Introduction

glean (gln)
v.gleanedglean·ing, gleans
1. To gather (grain) left behind by reapers.
2. To collect bit by bit: “records from which historians glean their knowledge”

In the fall of 2012, the Board of directors of Serving Leaders requested that I take the assignment of serving as the Interim President of our organization. The position became permanent in April of 2013.

While I have equipped, coached and consulted with leaders and leadership teams for many years, I realized that I needed some fresh insight and wisdom poured into my own leadership if I was going to successfully grow into this role.

The nature of my work gives me access to a wide variety of executive leaders including business, non-profit, political and church leaders and I learn best by gaining input and knowledge over time and then integrating it into practice.

Knowing this about myself, from the fall of 2012 through spring  of 2013 I met with more than a dozen CEO’s, Executive Directors and Senior Pastors. In my request to spend time with them I asked for two things: 30 minutes of their time, and two to three simple pieces of counsel they would provide me as I stepped into this role— perhaps a lesson they had learned; a tried and true practice or principle, or advice for my particular situation.

What follows are my gleanings—what I have gathered bit by bit—from those who have reaped a healthy harvest in their leadership before me. Over the next few months, I will post a new gleaning every other week or so that will include not only the gleaning but also the practical ways I have attempted to apply this in my own leadership journey and perhaps a story or two of others who have done so as well.

Leadership is a shared journey and we can always learn from each other. I am grateful for the willingness of so many to spend time with me over the last several months. I know I will continue to learn every day, and I am grateful to these leaders for investing in me.

Photo credit: Dollar Photo Club