God’s Economy: A New Way To Think About Alleviating Poverty


This week PLF had the pleasure of partnering with the Acton Institute and Tugg Media for a screening of the award winning documentary, Poverty, Inc. The screening was followed by an informative time of Q&A with co-producer Mark Weber, to a sold-out crowd of 156 people. 

This documentary takes a critical look at the “poverty industry” and raises thoughtful questions on whether international aid is actually working to alleviate poverty.

The antithesis of traditional poverty media, this film elevates the world class endeavors of enterprising individuals in our countries and highlights the critical need to restore power in the hands of everyday people by democratizing access to networks of productivity and exchange, and by building the fundamental institutions of justice such as property rights, rule of law, and freedom. -Dr. Kinoti Meme

For PLF, the alleviation of poverty through job-creation and supporting entrepreneurship is very close to the heart of our own mission to equip, connect, and mobilize individuals and organizations in Pittsburgh to create a more robust and inclusive economy.

Poverty, Inc. illuminates the “business” of NGO’s and global aid organizations as they negatively impact the people in countries where they intend to help, creating unhealthy dependencies. Many insights of the film can be applied to our own cities where aid has become normative in vulnerable communities, causing a widening gap in the economic flourishing among all socio-economic groups.

The film creates a powerful awareness of the challenging realities that people face when trying to contribute meanigful work amidst an economic system that doesn’t fully recognize the value of the human person.  

How should we respond differently in the way we approach charity and poverty alleviation?

It’s time to recognize and seek the positive contributions that all citizens can make to the economy. Whether in Pittsburgh or abroad, we must work to foster an economic system that invites people across all socio economic strata to participate.

To arrange a viewing of this fantastic film, visit www.PovertyInc.org.

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  1. This was an important and well produced movie which really helps to clearly reinforce what is really needed to help our fellow brothers and sisters to use their God-given strengths and gifts to break the cycle of poverty. A strong ray of hope to address a seemingly hopeless situation. Thanks for bringing this intelligent and inspiring work to our City.

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