Gathering, Equipping, and Coaching at PLF with Terry Collier

Terry CollierOur friend and long-time board member, Terry Collier, finished his term on our board in June. Terry has been on the board since 1991, and we wanted to get some insight from him on where PLF has been and where we are going.

Emily: What motivated you to get involved with PLF?

Terry: My great motivation is to help people find their great purpose in service of God. God will ask what have you done with what I’ve called you to do, and I want Him to be able to say well done good and faithful servant. I believe it was Reid who once said, “God calls us for a purpose and a place.” I believe Reid has been very helpful in helping me identify my great purpose. It is easy to become very inward looking, and PLF forces you to keep your head up and looking around and finding out what God is doing in our city, in the country, and in the world. This awareness helps you serve with more vigor.

Emily: How have you seen PLF evolve over the years?

Terry: PLF from its beginning has gathered, equipped, and coached. We have worked with people and organizations to achieve the common good in accordance with Biblical principles. Over the years this has taken many forms. We have been led by Reid Carpenter, the great gatherer; John Stahl-Wert, the passionate equipper; and now by Lisa Slayton, the insightful coach.

Emily: How do you see Lisa’s role as the insightful coach impacting PLF?

Terry: Lisa is a good identifier of the strength in people, which helps them better perform in roles. By doing that, she’s hired fantastic staff and recruited board members who are insightful and brought success in the organizations. We haven’t forgotten that we still have to gather to raise money, but we still need to equip, educate, and coach people in doing something that they’ve learned. Then they will gather out of a sense of gratefulness. Gathering will raise money, but does not necessarily equip. She keeps her eyes open to what the Lord wants to do.

Emily: What advice do you have for PLF in the future?

Terry: As we move on we should be careful to keep prayer at the center of all the organization says and does. We need to remain faithful to the organization’s call and purpose and keep our communication clear and simple. We also need to approach our donors, those who serve, and those we serve with humility, clarity of expectations, faithfulness in delivery and a sense of gratefulness. PLF was created by Reid Carpenter as led by God. May we continue, such that the organization’s purpose is fulfilled.

Emily: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about your experience and thoughts about PLF. What do you plan on doing next?

Terry: My focus is for the Homewood community. I attend Bethany Baptist church and serve on the leadership team. We are in the process of raising funds to build a new sanctuary to do more ministry in the community. Our focus is to work in the community, and I am doing a lot of what I was doing with PLF. I want to help kids in the community find their great purpose and connect them to the resources they need to do that.

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3 thoughts on “Gathering, Equipping, and Coaching at PLF with Terry Collier

  1. I admire Terry as a humble servant of God. He has brought great encouragement and incite to PLF throughout his years of service on the Board. Both he and his wife have served as mentors to many. May God continue to bless him in his work and in his community endeavors.

  2. Jeff, thank you for sharing the importance of family in business. I am at the start of a business launch that was created specifically for family and with family as the core component. Finished your book and just registered for PLF and looking forward to learning more from you. Congrats on all your successes and the successes of those who place their trust in you.

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