Faith & Work Labs: The Question of Vocation

Last weekend on November 20-21, the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation hosted a gathering called Faith & Work Labs. This new initiative brought together over 40 theologians, pastors, and practitioners to participate in real dialogue around practical integration of Faith, Work, and Economics.

Sponsored in part by the Made to Flourish Network and the Kern Family Foundation, this event proved to be a powerful environment for the merging of those involved in different spheres of influence in our city.

Guest speaker Pastor Aaron Richardson from Detroit brought a richness to the day’s conversations as he shared about his experience in collaborating with churches and entrepreneurs in his city over the past 13 years.

Two local entrepreneurs had the opportunity to be featured as “case studies” for the day, as they each shared the complexities of a real-time business challenge they are facing. A panel of pastors, scholars, and  marketplace leaders responded to the cases, each bringing a valuable perspective that provided wisdom and encouragement to the entrepreneur facing the issue.

For the attendees, there was a great time of shared learning and conversation at each table as some presented their own challenges to their peers for discussion.

The day concluded with remarks from Steve Garber. He later reflected:

Pittsburgh has a long and unusual history of collaborative commitment to the city as a city, and today’s convening organization, the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, has led the way. They are taking the question of vocation seriously, understanding that a revitalized social ecology is dependent on a recovery of that rich vision of human life and labor that allows us to see beyond ourselves into the common good.

May their tribe be blessed, and their city prosper.


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Photo Credit: Steve Garber