A Conversation with Robin Capcara: Coaching with Rick Wellock

Robin Capcara
A Life of Ministry – Now Leading IVCF’s Faculty Ministry at Pittsburgh’s Great Universities

A conversation with Robin Capcara, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Faculty Ministry Planter and Campus Staff at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, can change your life. Her story of faith and service will inspire you. Robin has worked in church and university ministry for over 30 years. She currently ministers to professors at Pittsburgh’s research universities through InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries.

Her 30-year relationship with PLF’s Rick Wellock, particularly as a professional coach, has made a huge difference in who she is today and both what she is doing – and not doing – vocationally.

Rick’s professional coaching and expertise in the SIMA® methodology has given me a window into my unique gifts. He always asks good questions and pushes me in good directions. Not only has working with him helped me know the direction I should take my career and personal life – which cannot be cleanly separated – but often he helped me discover what I should not do. Knowing what not to do can sometime be the more important of the two.

Robin: We met over 30-years ago when Rick was working at the Ligonier Valley Study Center with R.C. Sproul.  Rick and his wife Dody were working and living there. I first visited the Study Center for a Jan-term class while I was attending Thiel College. Those 30-days really changed my life and opened the door to lifetime relationships with Rick and Dody for both me and my sister, Camille Hallstrom.

PLF: So when did you first meet Rick Wellock?

PLF: You first worked with Rick while you were a staff at the Coalition for Christian Outreach, a ministry where you served in various roles and leadership for over 20 years. What was the nature of that work?

Robin: Rick is an expert coach and is a practitioner of a tool called the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities or SIMA. This assessment methodology is rooted in the worldview that God had made each human being in his image and with unique gifts and motivations. When we work out of those God-given motivations, we are most impactful for the kingdom of God and the happiest in our work and personal life. The CCO’s leadership saw great value in SIMA and offered it to staff as a benefit. Rick did SIMA coaching with possibly hundreds of CCO staff and I was one of them. My first SIMA was done with Rick in 1981.

PLF: So you would consider 1981 the beginning of your coaching relationship with Rick?

Robin: Yes. I really can say that Rick helped guide my career path while at the CCO. He has played a guiding role in critical vocational and personal seasons of my life ever since. Rick was the first person to encourage me to consider developing my skills in strategic planning and venturing into consulting. In 1992, pretty much as a direct result of Rick’s coaching and influence, I started a small consulting business that I still run called Capcara Consulting. I do strategic planning consulting for churches, non-profits and businesses. Rick and I have even worked together on occasion.

PLF: How did Rick’s theology of work and calling influence your consulting practice and work together?

Robin: Rick has a deep commitment to Christ. He also is not torn between the duality of thinking about the business model and the ministry model. He seamlessly integrates both. This is always how he has approached his coaching with me as well. All of life is ministry.

PLF: So how often do you and Rick meet for coaching?

Robin: Since my early years with the CCO, we have probably met at least once a year for a coaching session to check-in, see where I am heading, and talk about the big issues of life. There have been seasons when we met together more often. Now we talk on the phone or meet together in person about once a year for a serious session. Since I am in ministry, Rick has been incredibly generous with his time and basically coaches me for free. PLF’s commitment to serving ministry leaders has allowed him to continue that when he started working for them in 2008. It is such a blessing to me and I am very thankful.

PLF: If someone is considering coaching with Rick and PLF, what are some closing thoughts you would like to share with them?

Robin: God has used Rick like ballast in my ship during important periods of my life. He is unique and wonderful to work with – he does body, mind and soul work with people. Our lives don’t cleanly separate into personal life and professional life – into body and spirit. It is all connected and Rick works with you on the whole self. He has a gift for helping people sort through all the stuff they are working through.

PLF offers executive coaching and vocational stewardship personal development for non-profit leaders, business leaders and pastors, at all points in their personal and vocational lives. Please contact coaching@plf.org for more information or to setup a free initial session to see if there is a fit.