Looking Back: 2016

The Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation has had a big year in 2016, and we have you to thank for that. Check out the many things we have done to equip and mobilize leaders who care not just about themselves, but about the flourishing of our city.

Learning Communities

Looking Back: 2016

We continued to offer the Leaders Collaborative and the Urban Leaders Project for all sectors and faith-based nonprofits.

  • The Leaders Collaborative graduated its 16th and 17th cohorts this year
  • Twenty one people participated
  • The Urban Leaders Project had a successful second year
  • Fourteen participants completed the second ULP cohort

Vocational Infusion Learning Community (VILC)

vilc-1 vilc-2

Positive cultural change must have its roots in the church. Therefore, we created the VILC, a shared learning experience for churches that instills a robust theology of faith, work, and economics into the culture of their congregations.

  • Twenty participants from 11 different churches
  • Traveled as near as PNC park and as far as Washington, D.C. together
  • Got to know thought-leaders in the faith & work sector, such as Steve Garber, Amy Sherman, and David Greusel

Parish LC


We expanded our learning communities to the catholic church by creating the Parish Leaders Collaborative.

  • One priest and two lay or staff people from each church attended
  • Five parishes participated
  • Author and thought leader on mission strategy for churches, Alan Hirsch, spoke to the Parish LC.
  • Significant cultural change in these parishes is already evident



We partnered with the Made to Flourish network to offer this seminar to local pastors.

  • Pastors learned more about their own vocational calling and the implications of that on their churches
  • 15 pastors participated

We Hosted Three Successful Events

 andy jpro prayer-breakfast

Andy Crouch

  • Andy Crouch most recently wrote the book Strong and Weak about how the best leaders work towards the flourishing of their community
  • We sold 193 tickets
  • We received unanimous positive feedback about the event

Jubilee Professional

Greater Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast

  • We hosted the 19th annual Great Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast
  • 59 tables were purchased, and those table hosts invited 590 people to pray for Pittsburgh together
  • Laura Ellsworth gave the keynote address and talked about how God has impacted her personal and professional life.

Our Staff Grew


We welcomed Juliet Casinelli, a participant in the Pittsburgh Fellows Program, to our staff this year. She has worked diligently at coordinating our events and ensuring that our office is a consistently hospitable place to welcome our guests.

We Remembered Ernie Frederick


We lost a dear friend of our Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation family this year: Ernie Frederick. While he is missed, his impact on our organization will not be forgotten.

We Celebrated a Pens Victory


Pittsburgh experienced an intense sense of flourishing when the Pens brought the Stanley Cup back to Pittsburgh this year.

Thank You!

Thank you for your role in making this an incredible year. Because of your support, we have been able to continue our mission of helping the Pittsburgh region flourish through building up thoughtful and Godly leaders in our community.