Pittsburgh Prayer Breakfast


What It Is

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast launched 20 years ago by men and women who wanted to reach out to God on behalf of Pittsburgh, acknowledging the need for His interventions and blessings, as well as the need to seek and submit to God’s guidance for shalom.

We have a rich history that began as an invitational gathering where leaders ask other leaders, colleagues, and friends to join in seeking the blessing of God for Pittsburgh. This tradition has grown to accommodate more than 500 like-minded participants each year. This year, we have expanded our goal to 1,000 participants!

We strive to fill the room with a diverse group of community leaders who join together in seeking God’s shalom for our city’s government, businesses, education, healthcare, faith communities, residents, and families.

How It Works
  1. Purchase a table of ten
  2. Receive your table assignment vouchers (starting in January)
    1. Please note that you are responsible for being sure your guests know where your table is
  3. Distribute your table assignment vouchers to people you would like to have at your table
  4. Attend the prayer breakfast with your guests on Friday, March 29, 2019 from 7:15-9:30 AM
What To Expect
  • A full, hot breakfast (appropriate for Lent)
  • Welcome messages from state, county, and local government leaders
  • Invocation and Scripture readings by community business leaders
  • A selection by local Christian musicians
  • Prayer time at each table, facilitated by the table host, for specific areas of need in Pittsburgh
Keynote Speakers: Details Coming Soon