Just Work Speaker Series

The double entendre is evident….

Just Work- we can hear or say it like this “I am just a stay at home mom,” “I am just a plumber,” “I am just a sales person,” “I am just a……” You fill in the blank

Then there is “Just” work. Just as an adjective has a very different meaning and can certainly be seen in the work of the activist who is speaking out for a group of marginalized people, or the lawyer who is fighting for the wrongly accused, or a judge who is making wise decisions in difficult matters designed to bring about justice for all parties.

But what if “Just work” is also the job on the manufacturing line offered to the man who is trying to get his life back on track after having been incarcerated? Or the waitress and single mom who is working a second job to make ends meet so that she can feed and clothe her kids? What if Just Work is our everyday work, done with excellence for the common good of the community.

This is all Just work. We need glimpses of a different way of thinking about our work that moves us from “just work- diminishing the value of our everyday work” to Just Work- thinking about our work and the work of others as God’s plan A for restoring his world.

The first speaker in this series is Dr. Anne Bradley on Friday, November 10th over lunch.