The Collaboratives 10 Year Reunion*

Monday, October 30

Transformation can happen individually, but it takes a dense network of like-minded people to impact the common good. Over 225 leaders have participated in a Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation Collaborative, and we want our collaborative community and a guest to join us in a new era of alumni engagement, as we work together to create shalom in our city. Anybody who completed a Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation Collaborative is welcome to join us for a dinner celebrating ten years of learning communities.


*This event is for those who have completed a collaborative with the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation. If you are interested in participating in a collaborative, check out the Leaders Collaborative and the Urban Leaders Project.

Just Work Speaker Series, Featuring Anne Bradley

Friday, November 10th | 11:30 am – 1:15 pm

Dr. Anne Bradley will be kicking off our new speaker series, Just Work, with a talk called Enterprise and Poverty: Pursuing the Common Good. Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley is the Vice President of Economic Initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics where she develops a systematic theology of economic freedom. Lunch will be provided.


Jubilee Professional

Friday, February 23

Jubilee Professional is a half-day conference to learn how to apply biblical truth to your everyday, professional life. It features powerful talks from local and national speakers who walk the walk and have a story to tell. For eight years, CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) and Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation (PLF) have partnered to produce this unique event for men and women who are one, five, 20, or 50 years out of college.


Greater Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast

Friday, April 13

This breakfast was started by men and women who wanted to reach out to God on behalf of Pittsburgh, acknowledging the need for His interventions and blessings, as well as the need to seek and submit to God’s guidance for shalom. This tradition has grown to accommodate more than 900 like-minded participants each year. We strive to fill the room with a diverse group of community leaders who join together in seeking God’s shalom for our city’s government, businesses, education, healthcare, faith communities, residents, and families.



Common Good Events

Full Bodied Community

Saturday, November 11

Jim Stout and Darrin Grove will both be speaking at the Full Bodied Community Conference, taking place at Pittsburgh Urban Christian School. Full Bodied Community is a one-day conference to connect head, hands and heart in a robust conversation about Christian community. The conference will present a vision of redemptive living and the role of public Christian education in the mission of five historic Western PA communities.


*Common Good Events are events taking place that closely align with our mission to equip, connects, and mobilize leaders to serve from every sphere of influence for the cultivation and restoration of the city. We strongly encourage you to attend; however, we are not officially affiliated with these events.