Summer Six Pack: Praxis Course for the Redemptive Entrepreneurs
The Praxis Course was designed for any person seeking to do work that is redemptive, innovative, and faithful in light of God’s purposes and posture toward the world. This course is a six-part video-and-discussion series that explores the idea of Redemptive Entrepreneurship for founders, innovators, and creators. Whether you’re a would-be entrepreneur, an aspiring creative professional, a mid-career corporate innovator, or a seasoned founder leading a venture at scale, we will explore how our faith informs why we create, what we create, and how we create.

July 24: How Not to Change the World, Andy Crouch
July 31: Redemptive Imagination, Dave Bianchard
August 7: Love as Alpha and Omega, Jessica Kim
August 14: Vocation for the Long Haul, Jena Lee Nardella
August 21: Results May Vary, Jon Tyson
August 28: Reframe Grace, Dave Evans

The Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation in partnership with Truefit is hosting this six week series in the Union Trust Building from 4-6pm. There will be an opportunity to network and discuses what was shared during the course over drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres.

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Purchase an entire pack for $25
Individual courses for $5

“The Praxis Course informed and refueled my imagination of what it looks like to be a Christian in the marketplace. It redefined my view of success and ‘the good life,’ giving me more joy, confidence and hope than I have ever known about the truths of the gospel and my role in God’s redemption story.”
— Melissa May, aspiring entrepreneur


Greater Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast

Friday, March 29, 2019

This breakfast was started by men and women who wanted to reach out to God on behalf of Pittsburgh, acknowledging the need for His interventions and blessings, as well as the need to seek and submit to God’s guidance for shalom. This tradition has grown to accommodate more than 900 like-minded participants each year. We strive to fill the room with a diverse group of community leaders who join together in seeking God’s shalom for our city’s government, businesses, education, healthcare, faith communities, residents, and families.