Vocational Learning Community


The Pittsburgh Vocational Learning Community (VLC) is a shared learning experience for churches that instills a robust theology of faith, work, and economics into the culture of their congregations.

While the VLC experience is rooted in theory, this journey will actively guide each church in the development and implementation of a plan that is unique to their congregation.

The Basics:

  • This is a 1-year cohort experience
  • 11 Churches, each represented by a pastor and one congregational member
  • 3 Retreats and 3 one-day gatherings, with smaller coaching sessions between

Dr. Steven Garber

Principal, The Washington Institute for
Faith, Vocation, and Culture

Dr. Amy Sherman

Author and Senior Fellow,
The Sagamore Institute

The Reverend Jay Slocum

Founding Pastor, Jonah’s Call

Lisa Slayton

Chief Executive Officer,
Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

Dr. Terry Timm

Lead Pastor, Christ Community
Church of the South Hills

Rick Wellock

Director of Organizational Development,
Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

Resources for the current 2016 Pittsburgh Vocation Learning Community