Culture Change


High Performing Cultures

Cultures of high performance and engagement don’t just happen by accident. They require intention and attention on the part of the leaders and their teams. The primary work of any great leadership team is aligning people to a set of shared values and cultivating conditions for them to contribute their very best. Our consultative approach will walk you through growing this kind of culture in your organization.

Change and Innovation

Any organization that is not growing and changing is already in decline. Navigating growth and change effectively in a complex environment is close to the heart of an effective leader. Change often produces resistance and pain in the organization, but is necessary for innovation.

“The primary discipline of innovation is abandonment.” Peter Drucker

We work with teams and organizations who desire growth and innovation, but may find themselves stuck—knowing what got them to where they are is not going to get them to where they want to go. The hard work of change leadership often involves not only what must be grown and developed, but also what must be examined and abandoned.

Alignment and Engagement

Your people want to bring their best, and they want to be challenged. Volumes of research have been published about employee engagement and retaining talent in the last two decades. While there are many helpful tools to help people understand strengths and styles of working, often missing are the resources to develop your people in the context of relationships and teams. Our work is focused on creating the right conditions and necessary partnerships to allow cultures of high engagement to flourish.