10 Year Reunion Reflection

Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboratives and A New Era of Alumni Engagement

On Monday night, over 100 people celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the first Collaborative. It was a remarkable evening of fellowship, as we celebrated what God has done and look ahead with anticipation to what we hope for in the future.

At the heart of PLF we understand that we have a mandate from God to be catalysts for bringing about the shalom of the city. We are committed to:

– Equipping people with clarity of purpose, learning, wisdom, and tools for the journey
– Bringing diverse groups of people from across sectors to provide perspective and dense, overlapping networks
– Mobilizing and supporting those individuals and networks with events, coaching, and ongoing organizational support

You are the ones God has called to impact your families, churches, businesses, and organizations. Our hope is that your collaboratives experience was a “boot camp” to prepare and encourage you for your journey.

We do not want to stop there. We desire to continue to resource all of you as you seek to bring foretastes of the Kingdom of God to every corner of your lives. We want to increase our investment in all of our cohort members after you have completed a collaborative.

Toward that end, we are launching a new endeavor called the Collaboratives Community. As graduates of a cohort, you are automatically part of this exclusive community. Our goal is to provide flexible and impactful opportunities that can better equip, connect, and mobilize Kingdom work in Pittsburgh.

Over 265 leaders have come through the Collaboratives. The pursuit of faithfulness, fruitfulness, and excellence by leaders spread through this city is an impact for the kingdom of God. I am privileged to be a part of this community.

You will find more information about the Collaboratives Community in the group and at www.plf.org/. Please feel free to reach out to me personally for more information.

Warm Regards,
Jim Stout

412.281.3877 x223